80 x 80 cm.  Yellow.  Four.  East.  Sun.
Giclee  Signed an numbered limited prints on canvas. US $250.  £200. 
With frame.  US$280  £220.

Amarillo.  Cuatro.  Este.  Sol.       Giclee Impresiones firmado y limitado en tela.  4500 pesos. 
Con Bastidor.  5100 pesos.


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White. One Begin. North

80cm x 80 cm.

Silver. Two. Conscious. North north east.

80 x 80 cm

Gold. Three. North east east. Precious wisdom.

80 x 80cm

Yellow. Four. East. Sun.

80 x 80 cm.

Naranja. Five. South east east. Key.

80 x 80cm.

Red. Six. Sourh south east. Contract.

80 x 80 cm.

Brown. Seven. South. Spiral.

80 x 80cm.

Violet. Eight. South south west. Acceptance.

80 x 80 cm.

Indigo. Nine. South west west. Discovery.

80 x 80 cm.

Blue. Ten. West. Transformation.

80 x 80cm.

Green. Eleven. North west west. Release.

80 x 80cm.

Time Eating Serpant

80 x 80 cm. Black. Twelve. North north west. Possibility.

80 x 80 cm. Twelve tones. Centre. The twelve.

80 x 80 cm.