These paintings were painted between in 2017 and 2018. In 2015 and 2016 i didn't paint, i wrote a book, soon to be published. These paintings were painted very slowly. They are based on dreams and visions. I start with a first idea, from a vision or dream, and i prepare the drawings before placing the main ideas on the canvas. I put down a base painting, and then i wait to see if it is the correct resonance. I will have other dreams or visions which will inform the earlier ones, and this will change the painting.

Sometimes a painting will have several layers of images, most of course, you will not see. A painting is finished when i feel the resonance of the clarified vision on the painting.

The cost of the paintings are based on the living costs for my son and myself whilst the paintings are painted, cost of materials, and a modest profit of around £200-300.

However, if an image really calls you, and the price is beyond you, then I am also open to your suggestions.
I hope you enjoy the images. They all hold information.